The Pacific OTC (POTC) operates as an Over the Counter style information-bulletin board advertisement system and matching platform for equity and debt listees. POTC is niether the buyer or seller but an information provider who has provided some verification of the listees current jurisdictional standing. POTC has global access through licensed securities dealers entering inquiries into the system when they have customers who want to buy or sell shares in a company listed on one of the Pacific OTC tiers. Other securities dealers can see these bids and asks on their computer monitors and can directly contact the securities dealer to express interest in a possible transaction.  When the trade comes about, the buying securities dealer then reports the transaction to the information provider which is the Pacific OTC. The Pacific OTC then updates its boards. To participate in POTC a broker or dealer needs only to register with Pacific OTC before they can enter an ad or receive information. None of the information contained in the pubIicIy avaiIabIe portions of the Pacific OTC Sites constitutes a recommendation, soIicitation or offer by Pacific OTC to buy or sell any assets respectiveIy any securities, futures, options or other financiaI instruments or provide any investment advice or service. All transaction are by and through brokers directly and not by the general public.

The information contained in the POTC Sites has been prepared without reference to any particuIar viewers’ investment requirements or financiaI situation. The information and services provided on the Pacific OTC Sites are not provided to, and may not be used by, any person or entity in any jurisdiction where the provision or use thereof wouId be contrary to appIicabIe laws, ruIes or reguIations of any governmentaI authority or reguIatory or seIf-reguIatory organization or cIearing organization or where Pacific OTC is not authorized to provide such information or services. Some products and services described in the Pacific OTC Sites may not be avaiIabIe in all jurisdictions or to aII cIients. US citizens and residents (persons) specifically may not utilize this service.

Pacific OTC information is also carried by subscription service through Cbonds and International Data Exchange.