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Each month POTC features a newly listed company, this month’s featured company is:


Trimed Technology AG is a Swiss based company that holds shareholdings, distribution rights and patents of Trimed AG. Trimed AG has been developing milk pumps and vacuum systems of the highest Swiss quality for customers all over the world for more than 20 years.

Trimed Technology AG’s Biomaterial 3D Printer, which is capable of producing high-precision biomaterial bone replacements, is the only 3D printer in the world to use a proprietary system with a printhead that can move freely and precisely in space over six axes while still pivoting.

The use of printed biomaterial brings several benefits for the patient. It eliminates the usual removal of the body’s own bone material while at the same time possible rejection reactions of the body to the implanted foreign body are largely avoided.

The material is synthesized in the printing process as a porous structure. After a transplantation, the surrounding tissue now connects to the artificial bone. The interstices of the porous tissue are penetrated by blood vessels and filled with the body’s own bone cells, so that a new bone has formed after the degradation of the organic plastic.

With Trimed’s biomaterial 3D printing, a new era begins for modern prosthetics.

Trimed Technology AG has chosen the Pacific OTC Entry Board for ease of listing and getting access to financial markets.

Feel free to contact Trimed Technology AG at info@trimed-technology.ch