Our Tiers

The Pacific OTC Entry Board

The Pacific OTC Entry Board is designed for smaller start-up businesses with less than a two-year record, providing the opportunity for companies to have their shares quoted in an appropriately regulated environment, allowing them to gain a price for their shares and a market capitalization, without the need to change the structure of the company. It is possible for companies to gain access to the Pacific OTC share trading facility while retaining their private limited company status. This means that private IPOs by the company or a shareholder are supported by the Pacific OTC.

Information about companies on the Entry Board are restricted to professional or sophisticated investors and existing shareholders. This limited circulation allows companies to conduct further fundraisings through a private placing of shares, without the need to produce a public offer document or prospectus.

More information on the Entry Board can be found here

The Pacific OTC Main Board

The Pacific OTC Main Board is a full market listing that provides a full market public quote. Companies are required to comply with the Pacific OTC Main Board rules but are not required to issue a prospectus or audit prior to admission, as such the cost of joining is significantly reduced. Companies should already be operating for at least two years at the time of joining the market.

The Pacific OTC Main Board offers a more visible quotation than the Pacific OTC Entry Board. This means that companies can be seen by, and can attract investment from, the widest pool of potential investors.

More information on the Main Board can be found here

The Pacific OTC Quotation Board

The Pacific OTC Quotation Board is a medium for dually listed securities to be provided a full market quote. Companies listed on any recognized stock exchange or recognized OTC Market/Trading Facility can qualify for a listing on the Pacific OTC Quotation Board.

Companies benefit by have the opportunity to provide both an on market and off market solution for their securities, while being able to access investors worldwide that otherwise may not be accessible due to a Company’s restrictions as per their primary exchange.

More information on the Quotation Board can be found here

The Pacific OTC Cryp Board

The Pacific OTC Cryp Board is for companies that quote, sell and settle solely in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The Cryp Board utilizes the Entry Board Rule Book for all other matters.